Hamburg on Tour – Hoisting our sails!

“Hamburg on Tour” is on its way! We are coming to hotspots in Germany and abroad, to bustling towns and to cities that never sleep. What exactly are we doing there? We are bringing Hamburg’s maritime charm to cities across the globe! Based on interactive, diverse projects and productions we create unique, entertaining events that show local residents how Hamburg lives, breathes and throbs – and we are not travelling alone! Our partners from the realms of media, design, business, culture and music will be sailing with us.

In each of the cities to be visited, residents will have the opportunity to immerse itself in the spirit of Hamburg for two to three days. So what is it like to live in Hamburg? What cultural highlights does it have to offer? What makes the Northern Germans tick? What are the region’s most beautiful spots, and what are the most exciting events? All of this will be addressed during our “Hamburg on Tour” events, and we are really looking forward to inspiring people to visit Hamburg in the future – be it as a tourist, a student, or simply out of curiosity!

What’s on – Full steam ahead!

Hamburg meets Israel

All information about the digital TLV event can be found here.

This is Hamburg – Please dive in!

Hamburg Ahoi

hamburg ahoi is the home for ideas, places and people that shape this city and the Metropolitan Region. Follow us on a virtual stroll through Hamburg!

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg!

Learn about what awaits you in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – whether it is spectacular architecture, a top-class music programme or a panoramic view of Hamburg.

Discover Hamburg in 360°

We’re giving you the chance to explore our bustling big city, one of Europe’s busiest harbours and the world-renowned red light district Reeperbahn, with just a simple click.

Hamburg auf Spotify

Hamburg means a huge variety of music. Listen to our Playlists on Spotify to get a glimpse of the fantastic musicians Hamburg has to offer. Check out the channel „Hamburg on Tour“

About us – What we do!

Whenever Hamburg goes straight to your heart and images remain in your head, Hamburg will travel the world. Events are shaping people’s image of Hamburg: in a recent survey, 43% of respondents stated that it is events that give a face to Hamburg. Successful city marketing includes public events that inspire media interest – shared experiences that are shaping the city’s profile. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, the Hamburg Convention Bureau specialises in B2B and B2C events. To learn more about the Hamburg Convention Bureau, please visit:

Photos: HCB, Team Uwe Nölke, HCB, Andreas Vallbracht*, HHT, Maxim Schulz*, HCB | *