6. – 10. March 2019 | Berlin, Germany

Moin Berlin!

01. – 03. Oktober 2018 | Berlin

Together, uniformly, side by side – that’s how it should be, and that’s how it was! Hamburg was on tour again on the day of German Unity – the Citizen was celebrated this year in Berlin with a very special event: With Berlin, with everyone, and “Nur mit euch!” we were able to present our Hanseatic city so magnificently and celebrate this wonderful and important occasion so fantastically! Cordiality, enthusiasm, contemplation – these days were something very special for everyone despite the bad weather – whether with musical highlights like Fräulein Frey or Stefanie Hempel, but also with our Hamburg partners like Stage Entertainment, AIDA Cruises, Elbler, Big Balmy, Lemonaid, NRD 90,3 or First Love Coffee and many more. With these wonderful culinary and cultural supporters at our side, it was for “Hamburg on Tour” and all our guests not better to beat. We say “Thank you, Berlin!” – it was a real party for us!


01 + 02 September 2018 | London, UK

It wasn’t just a party, it was a real festival! And that was the HAMBURG FESTIVAL! For two days England’s metropolis enjoyed a cultural rush with our beautiful Hanseatic city! Musically, culinarily and artistically there was no respite, one highlight after the other “Hamburg on Tour” was waiting for the Londoners. During the two public event days, more than 17,000 enthusiastic visitors could experience and enjoy Hamburg with all five senses. Thanks to the involvement of the many cooperation partners from the entire metropolitan region, the guests were able to listen to fantastic music from very different genres, let themselves be driven by the scents and tastes of various culinary delicacies, admire creative art installations and a stringent event setting and truly feel the good mood and atmosphere. The two days before the event were also very popular: On Thursday (30.8.) five different business formats as well as the Hamburg Networking Reception with more than 200 guests from London and Hamburg took place. The newly installed Media Day on 31 August was also very well received. More than 100 media representatives attended the three media events. The combination of business and public event gave the event a very strong power, which made the event a success for Hamburg and left a positive impression in the target market. Hamburg on Tour has spread Hamburg charme again!


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Moin Mainz!

02. – 03. Oktober 2017 | Mainz

“Hamburg. Real as you” – that was the motto at the Bürgerfest in mainz, from the Reeperbahn to the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg from inside and outside, Hamburg up close. The visitors could feel the stiff breeze and the Hanseatic cordiality and experience Hamburg! What makes the Hanseatic city so typical of Hamburg, what simply has to be seen and what must not be missed – all this took place on the “Ländermeile” in the “Höfchen” between the cathedral and the state theatre. Hamburg offered the visitors in the usual relaxed hip atmosphere Music, beach, musicals and much more!

Feel the rhythm of Hamburg!

20 + 21 October 2017 | London, UK

Hamburg managed to fit in not just three or four festivals, but in fact seven, and in autumn their series of events took them on tour to London – a metropolis where it would be hard to impress when it comes to music. The Hanseatic city managed nevertheless to leave a lasting impression with MS DOCKVILLE, the ELBJAZZ, the Hansesong Festival, the Hurricane and Reeperbahn Festivals and the Wacken Open Air, above all thanks to great artists such as Hundreds, Odeville, the other shi, Nathan Ott, Mutz and To Kill a King. And, during these two days in the hip London district of Shoreditch, Hamburg showed even more of its diversity – the international short film festival and the Elphilharmonie concert hall both gave presentations, Stefanie Hempel was well received with her well known Beatles tour, FC St. Pauli presented their special club history and, in the workshop area, visitors could try their hand at street art, learn all about coffee, and sample the Hamburg beer “Lütte Höög” in a craft beer tasting session. Hamburg’s diversity in the world of art was also on show at the event. Uli Pforr produced a live painting on site at the venue (The Boiler House) and the creative Hamburg graffiti outside in front of the building caused quite a stir too. Something for everyone. Thank you, London. We’ll be back!

Moin Dresden!

1 – 3 October 2016 | Dresden, Germany

“Hamburg. Real, just like you” – this was the slogan Hamburg used to present itself at the city festival in Dresden on German Reunification Day. And Hamburg kept its promise, because they really showed what it is that makes this Hanseatic city so special – partner companies with genuine Hamburg specialities like fritz-cola or Big-Balmy-Burgers and refreshing drinks from Elbler and CraftBeerMarket, to give just an idea of the diverse range of food and drink on offer from the region. Feeling refreshed, visitors then had the chance to take part in some really great events, such as going along with guide Nils Lund on a tour of the city or joining in with an ‘Elbphilharmonie’ quiz or a football prize draw. Those who just wanted to take it easy could go to the AIDA Beach Club to chill in a relaxed atmosphere and listen to some cool music. There was some genuine Hamburg design there too, brought along by shops like Günter Block and Ahoi Marie, and anyone interested in finding out more about the Hanseatic city and the metropolitan region found all the answers they needed at the Hamburg Tourist Information stand. “Hamburg on Tour in Dresden – a real original!”

Hej Göteborg!

9 + 10 September 2016 | Gothenburg, Sweden

For two whole days, a collection of what used to be sea containers and hundreds of wooden pallets transformed the square in front of the Town Hall in Gothenburg (Gustaf Adolf’s Square) into a miniature version of Hamburg, packed with great things to see and do. In brilliant sunshine and surrounded by apple trees from the metropolitan region of Hamburg, the many visitors who came along had the chance to experience the relaxed atmosphere of Hamburg and to symbolically dip their toes into the water of the North and Baltic seas. A diverse programme of events, ranging from live music, poetry slam, food trucks and coffee workshops to outdoor films, 3D street art and Paddan boat tours, enticed visitors to stay around and spend some time at the event. One of the biggest highlights was the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg module where the concert hall had set up an interactive presentation using a walk-in image of a façade with sound effects. Two multi-faceted days, full of the charm of Hamburg. Gothenburg – Tack så mycket!

Hamburg at the Day of

German Unity Festival

2 – 4 October 2015 | Frankfurt/Main, Germany

What a party! From 2 to 4 October 2015, the 25th anniversary of the German Unity Day was celebrated at a large public festival in Frankfurt/Main – and Hamburg was right at the centre of it!

Of course we are not talking about a conventional information stand, for Hamburg was present with an off-scene pub – with Hamburg imagery, tasty food and Northern German drinks such as apple cider, soft drinks and beer from Hamburg. After guests got warmed up at the bar, John Monday and Mary Jane Killed The Cat – winners of the “Hard Rock Rising” battle of bands in Hamburg – went on to raise the roof of the tent with their live gigs. All those who were seeking a more quiet atmosphere could wander over to the Beach Club, dig their feet into the sand and listen to the performance of the ELBJAZZ quartet – in anticipation of the ELBJAZZ Festival. Hamburg’s diversity and cosmopolitanism could be felt in the middle of Frankfurt, giving the city’s residents the opportunity to experience Hamburg’s alternative scene, the port, the musicals, and its distinct Hanseatic flair.

Visitors looking for further information on Hamburg at the time were invited to have a chat with the Hamburg Tourist Board team, who were also on-site. Anyone feeling lucky could take part in a lottery draw for gift hampers packed with deli products from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Ever wondered what it is like to live in Hamburg? Well, the Frankfurt festival certainly provided an insight.

Hej København!

18 + 19 September 2015 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Hamburg was rocking, Hamburg was dancing before the cameras, Hamburg was throbbing: for two full days, residents of Copenhagen were able to experience Hamburg and its rich cultural life. Various live performances, music and other on-site activities kept visitors going, while life-size sailor mannequins pointed the way to the historic Nytorv square in Copenhagen’s city centre. Beautiful music performances created a goose bump atmosphere, St Pauli guide Nils provided entertaining and alluring insights into life in the backstreets of the Reeperbahn entertainment district, and of course there were shopping opportunities, too – with labels such as Ahoi Marie, Heimathafen Hamburg and Samova. And Hamburg’s entourage couldn’t have been more distinguished: the Marriott Hotel, Deutsche Bahn, Danish State Railways, the Kunstmeile Hamburg and the Interessengemeinschaft KulturQuartier all joined us on tour. The Hamburg experts at the Hamburg Tourist Board information stand were happy to share their personal travel tips. Copenhagen’s city centre was under the spell of Hamburg: whether at the Jazz House, in the RUST club, or in the street food hall on Paper Island – Hamburg’s spirit could be felt everywhere. The streets of Copenhagen were filled with the sound of Hamburg, with streetstlye performances from the HipHop Academy, rock performances by Hamburg-based band Rhonda, classical music by Ensemble Resonanz, as well as jazz gigs providing a foretaste of the ELBJAZZ Festival.

Hamburg at the Eurovision Song Contest

6 – 10 May 2014 | Copenhagen, Denmark

22 – 25 May 2015 | Vienna, Austria

In 2014 and 2015, the cities of Copenhagen and Vienna were all about music: loud and quiet, high-pitched and low-pitched, in tune and out of tune – the joy of music could be felt everywhere. In both Copenhagen (2014) and Vienna (2015), Hamburg set up a karaoke box as Hamburg’s contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) – one of the television highlights of the year. In a converted shipping container, people of all ages performed ESC songs and all-time favourites from Northern Germany. And to make sure that friends and family didn’t miss out on the performances, they were recorded, complemented with Hamburg footage, and participants could keep their own song using a download code. What is more, everyone who was brave enough to pick up the mic could take part in a lottery draw with the chance of winning a trip to Hamburg.

Hamburg at the Day of

German Unity Festival

2 + 3 October 2014 | Hanover, Germany

A true Hamburg feeling – in the heart of Hanover! The trade fair city of Hanover was filled with music from the legendary St Pauli music club “Grosse Freiheit 36”, and at the Day of German Unity festival Hamburg also demonstrated that there is so much more to Hamburg than just the Reeperbahn entertainment district: a bustling city with colourful, diverse neighbourhoods, home to the Alster Lake and the River Elbe, as well as the Schanzenviertel and the HafenCity district. At the festival, Hamburg provided insights into its unique music, and its design and cultural scenes – e.g. via live performances, short films and poetry slams. And anyone seeking some peace and quiet in between could relax at the Hamburg tent or in the lounge of the dedicated beach club.

Vienna ahoy, Hamburg is coming!

1 – 3 August 2014 | Vienna, Austria

Three days of Hanseatic flair in Vienna: for when the night set in, the side of an oversized paper ship was turned into a projection surface, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Between 1 and 3 August 2014, this paper vessel with a length of 14 metres and a height of 5 metres was moored at the beach club Strandbar Herrmann on the Danube Canal in Vienna’s city centre. In keeping with the slogan “Vienna ahoy! Hamburg is coming!”, there were three additional, somewhat smaller paper vessels to be found across Vienna. Adorned with Hamburg imagery, the ships exuded a true Hanseatic flair. As part of the event, Hamburg offered a varied, exciting programme at the Rathausmarkt square, in front of the Vienna State Opera and in the Museumsquartier district.

And yet the gigantic paper ship’s side was not the only surface to serve as a screen: equipped with mobile movie technology, the Hamburg-based artists’ group “A Wall Is A Screen” made use of Viennese façades for short film screenings at unexpected places. In addition, a foretaste of the ELBJAZZ Festival captivated audiences, and our guide Nils, born-and-bred in Hamburg St Pauli, showed his Viennese guests around an imaginary Reeperbahn entertainment district. Was that it, then? Not at all: the Hamburg State Opera joined our event with a house production, leaving Madame Butterfly wait for her husband to arrive as part of the Vienna Film Festival, while the Wiener Fimcasino, in collaboration with Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, showed a screening of the film “Die wilde 13” – followed by a panel discussion with the film’s director, producer, and an urban researcher from Vienna.

Hamburg Christmas market in Shanghai

2013, 2014, 2015 | Shanghai, China

Mulled wine in Shanghai? Yes indeed! The first Hamburg Christmas market in Shanghai, Hamburg’s twin city, was held in 2013. Since then, the Hamburg Christmas market in Shanghai has become ever more popular – so much so that it has almost become a tradition. Shanghai’s locals gained insights into Hamburg’s Christmas wonderland not only through seasonal decorations, Christmas treats and shopping opportunities, but also through large-scale pictures and plenty of information provided by our on-site team.


Promotional campaign for Christmas markets

in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region

25 – 27 October 2013 | Copenhagen, Denmark

A Christmas pic with Danish handball star Hans Lindberg – hallelujah! A green screen box at the Hamburg Christmas market at Copenhagen’s central station invited the public to have a picture taken – adorned with a superimposed Christmas market motif and a portrait of Hans Lindberg, who plays for Hamburger Sportverein (HSV). All participants received their printed copy afterwards, as well as a download link to make sure their Facebook friends were impressed, too. The Hamburg Tourismus and Deutsche Bahn teams were also on-site and were happy to share their tips and advice.

Hamburg at the Day of

German Unity Festival

2009 in Saarbrücken | 2010 in Bremen | 2011 in Bonn | 2012 in München | 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany

Whenever Germany’s federal states present themselves to the public, Hamburg is always at the forefront. On the annual Day of German Unity on 3 October, Hamburg showcased its most beautiful sides at festivals across Germany. Under the overall theme of “vibrant scenes” Hamburg presented itself as a creative, musical, culinary and cultural hub that is always worth visiting.